About Us

So much of what surrounds us is mass-produced, assembly-lined, and comes in a “limited choice of styles and colors”.

Art, on the other hand, is infinite  -- in its possibilities and its potential to surprise and delight. And it is by definition, one of a kind, made only and particularly for you.

Your mural is an expression of yourself, your family, your business, your school or hospital or… whatever you choose. It’s a way to bring the art you love into your space – and your life!

We've painted well over a hundred murals since we started --  in dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, libraries, pet grooming stores,  restaurants, schools, bowling alleys, baby nurseries, anywhere and everywhere. We hand paint furniture as well.

We will come and talk with you on site, taking in the light, the space, the color, the essence of your particular home or business, listening carefully to what matters to you and what you want the mural to do. We offer a free consultation if you are within a half hour from the studio (located in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.) and if we have to charge for the consultation the cost will be deducted from your bill if you decide to go with us.

Deerstooth Murals is owned and led by Lisa Samalin. Lisa has been a painter all her life and a muralist for 15 years. She has a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts and is a fine artist, exhibiting at galleries and museums. She enjoys mural painting as a way to bring art into our daily lives, into our every day spaces.

“I believe deeply in the power of art and enjoy placing it where it is sometimes least expected! Murals transform and enliven a space. They amuse, comfort, soothe, inspire, awaken. And at their best they can reflect back to you an enhanced sense of who you are.”